Shipment tracking with Cepra

With our Track & Trace system Cepra, you are always able to locate your packages in real time via the Internet in the logistics chain and to retrieve the delivery receipt digitally. Either as proactive shipment tracking around the clock via the Internet. Or you can be informed by e-mail whether your shipments have already been delivered, including detailed delivery information. This means you always have your packages in view and can act flexibly.

Your advantages:

  • Transparency in processes through interface control
  • Connection to your specific in-house IT system
  • Timely automated reporting system
  • Streamlining of process flows

„Delivery during the day“ is a statement that more and more companies are finding less and less useful. CargoLine therefore delivers on request not only overnight or to the exact day, but also in clearly defined time windows and – for B2C private recipients – with prior notification. This is ensured by our nationwide network of 55 network partners throughout Germany, which handles around 1,300 direct transports every day in addition to hub transports.

Of course, we track all shipments electronically. But our Cepra shipment tracking system is more than just a track & trace tool. It’s a veritable customer portal with numerous online services, so that shippers can also use it to track and trace

  • find their tariffs
  • download delivery receipts and invoices
  • see the carbon footprint their shipments leave behind
  • Correspond directly with „their“ CargoLiner about a shipment, so that all information about the transport is in one place.
  • and much more
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